TRB Member Testimonials

Stirling Benefits aims to provide the best possible service to retired teachers in CT. In response to the Teacher Retirement Board’s decision to move to Medicare Advantage, unless members otherwise re-enroll in another program, the entire team at Stirling Benefits urges members to re-enroll this year. And as a testament to Stirling’s unmatched benefits, the following statements have been made by numerous valued members throughout the years.


"My husband retired from IBM. His retirement package offered insurance, but we chose Stirling Benefits over that. The customer service is wonderful, and I can see any doctor I want to. I have doctors that cater to me and my husband that don’t accept any Medicare Advantage plan. I would pay an additional $60 a month or any amount of additional premium necessary to stay with Stirling Benefits!"

- Jane Sachs, TRB/Stirling Benefits - Member since August 2004

"I contacted Stirling Benefits for information on hearing aid coverage and claim submission.The representative that I spoke with was very efficient, knowledgeable and helpful. I am extremely pleased with the service provided!"

- Helen Nestor, Wilton Schools Retired Teacher – Member since 2006

"I am a retired Fairfield teacher. When I was younger, working in the business world, HMOs were very popular, and I presented an HMO option with a self-insured program for a large corporation. In doing so, I could easily see the deficit to HMOs, and I am absolutely in support of teachers maintaining their benefit with Stirling Benefits for reasons of flexibility, which would be that we have the choice of where we want to go for treatment. Also, teachers are inclined to travel with their children, and we don’t want to be limited to geographic regions for services. The most important part for teachers, as thinking people, is that we want to be able to choose our doctors, where we will be treated and not be limited.Teachers are free thinkers. We research, we make choices and we make decisions, and absolutely will not be limited by someone else’s choice of my and my family’s care. The cost difference is only slight, and it’s worth millions and millions to be able to make your own choice!"

- Ellen Green Kuroghlian, Fairfield Retired Teacher – Member since 2010

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