Retiree Total Care

Retiree Total Care

A way to reduce central office staff time

Stirling Benefits is a full-service Third Party Administrator with the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of retiree health administration. We will develop a solution catered to your needs and budget.

We combine all aspects of post-employment benefits administration into a single package. Once a person leaves Board of Education service, notify us and you’re done.

  • Services apply to certified and non-certified staff: check
  • Reduce your audit issues since retiree checks no longer come to the Board: check
  • COBRA, TRB reporting, open enrollment questions… all covered.
  • Help moving certified staff off your plan… check.

Services included with Retiree Total Care©

  • Retiree Billing
  • COBRA administration
  • Provide all communications with the retiree once they leave service
  • Reconciliation of the quarterly TRB report
  • Provide ACA reporting information to the Board’s for preparation of form 1094/1095
  • Distribute open enrollment materials to retirees, collect and process enrollments
  • Present retirement health options annually at the Board office
  • Manage all retiree life events, and resulting premium changes
  • Provide comprehensive reporting of results and activities to central office
  • Maintain HIPAA compliant data and security organization, and obtain annual SSAE 16 Type II SOC audit for municipal audit requirements

Program fees may be a fixed monthly rate, or a flat rate per retiree. Call us today for more information or a free quote at 203.876.1660

Reduce central office work, increase accountability and audit-ability, and save money.

Handle all aspects of enrollment, billing, benefits counseling, and COBRA administration.

Simplify the burden of decision making, compliance, reporting and legal obligations.

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