Retiree Group Settlement Plans

Retiree plans are a specialty for Stirling Benefits. We cover over 20,000 retired members and are able to take on groups with thousands of members because we offer a:

  • High Value proposition,
  • High Touch retiree customer service, and
  • Direct connect for paperless claim submissions.

High Value

Stirling Benefits offers cost efficient retiree claim administration and customer service. Our fees are typically half of what major ASO carriers charge because we do not have to support their infrastructure that was built to service active employee plans. Group Medicare secondary plans do not need the costly risk assessment, network, and disease management infrastructure required of active plans. Stirling Benefits does not charge clients for unnecessary services plans do not need, passing those savings back to the Plan Sponsor.

High Touch Service

We look forward to retiree customer service because our staff has the knowledge and time to help. Callers quickly reach a retiree service representative and repeat callers can reach the same CSR on call-backs. We understand Medicare benefits and can answer the majority of Medicare questions. We can provide a separate toll free number for your group and auto-transfer calls to a Plan Sponsor's other vendors. We can customize your Explanation of Benefits. Retirees routinely report that we provide better service than they have ever received from their previous insurance carriers. All work is performed in the United States.

Direct Connect Paperless claims

We receive over 95% of retiree claims directly from the Medicare Payer for virtually paperless claim submission. We receive claims directly from every Medicare Payer in the country - it does not matter where the retiree lives or travels.

Health Reform

The effect of health reform makes Stirling Benefits a better value proposition compared to the large ASO carriers. Why? Because even though Health Reform specifically exempts stand-alone retiree plans from the provisions of PPACA, large insurance carriers must spread their compliance costs over all lines of business. Changes to Medicare Advantage will likely create a blurring of traditional Medicare and other options, and Stirling Benefits stands ready to help Plan Sponsors offer blended options. We are able to help take on the challenging task of communicating with your retirees.

Please call us to discuss your unique retiree situation.

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