MEHIP (CT's Municipal Employees Health Insurance Program)

The State of Connecticut contracts with Stirling Benefits to administer MEHIP – the Municipal Employee Health Insurance Program.

Eligible Groups

  • Municipal Groups and Boards of Education (including libraries, fire districts and housing authorities)
  • Non-profit Entites
  • Small Businesses

Through MEHIP, non-profits and Municipal groups receive a 1.75% premium tax exemption and an additional 2% discount for standard plan designs.

Additional Advantages

  • Access to the State of Connecticut Employee plan design
  • Ability to offer multiple insurance carriers on a single list bill
  • Employees can choose between the carriers and plans offered at open enrollment
  • Single source for additions, changes and terminations across all carriers
  • COBRA administration included standard
  • Three tier billing (single-dual-family) instead of age banded rates
  • Large group underwriting for smaller cases
  • Continuation of negotiated benefits even if carrier would usually eliminate the plan design

Small businesses are eligible to participate with MEHIP. Small business groups have relaxed underwriting, providing coverage options to persons with existing health conditions.

MEHIP is overseen by the Office of the State Comptroller and the Municipal Cost Containment Committee to help assure that the benefit offered will protect the group and the member.

Follow this link to a complete listing of MEHIP plans and quote specifications
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