Debit Card Holders

Click here for answers to some Frequently Asked Questions regarding your Stirling Benefits debit card plan.

To enter the WealthCare Portal, click here.

For instructions on how to Login on the WealthCare Portal, click here.

Below you will find some of the information that will be provided via the WealthCare Portal Website:

  • Account balance information for debit card, direct deposit and manual claims
  • Transaction History
  • Status of your claims - approved, pended, denied etc.
  • Report a card lost/stolen and re-issue a new card
  • Provide us with your email address and we can send you account information to help you monitor your benefit status
  • Customized forms and Summary Plan Description
  • Resources, videos and FSA/HSA calculators

For additional questions regarding account status, transaction history and account balances, please contact the Stirling Benefits at (203) 876-1660 to be routed to the Consumer Driven Health Plan Unit.

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