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Stirling Benefits serves as the claims administrator for the CT Teachers’ Retirement Board (TRB). Stirling Benefits is not an insurance company; we are a service company. The TRB contracts with Stirling to promptly and accurately process the TRB claims after Medicare has paid their share, and to provide courteous customer service when members call with questions about their benefits.


The TRB plan covers retired certified staff from CT public schools, spouses of retirees and surviving spouses. To join the TRB plan, members need both Part A and Part B of traditional Medicare. The retiree does not have to join the TRB plan to cover the spouse. A spouse may join before the retiree, or the retiree before the spouse, if they meet the criteria. You can initially join the plan at any time, and you can drop coverage at any time. If you have dropped coverage, you will be able to rejoin at the next annual open enrollment.


The TRB plan is funded by three groups, with each group paying approximately one third of the cost:

  • One third paid by active teachers through a 1.25% payroll deduction,
  • One third by the State of Connecticut, and
  • One third by the retiree.

The reason that the TRB plan is a good value compared to the cost of coverage through the local board of Education is that two thirds of the current plan costs (and two thirds of any future increase) is paid by someone other than the retiree.


The TRB offers a comprehensive medical benefit package that provides coverage after Medicare has paid their share. Click this link for a benefit grid showing how much Medicare pays, how much the TRB plan pays and the patient’s responsibility.

Members often report that once their Medicare deductible is paid, the TRB plan covers most all their medical costs for the remainder of the year.

The TRB plan also provides dental and prescription drug benefits. Stirling Benefits does not administer these programs. Information on these plans may be obtained by contacting these providers directly.


Members must enroll through the Teacher's Retirement Board. Follow the link below to download a copy of the Enrollment Form. The TRB needs one form per person. There is one form for the retiree and another form for the spouse/domestic partner. Compete the form(s) and return to the TRB at least six weeks prior to your enrollment date.

Useful Links

Explanation of Benefits online

To review your explanation of benefits online, please click on the E-net link under the Members and Sponsors section of this site. You will register with our secure server and choose a password. You will then be able to access your specific plan information online.

We look forward to serving the needs of retired certified staff from Connecticut’s public schools. If you have suggestions as to how we may improve our service to you, please click on contact us and send us your comments and suggestions.

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